Coir Fiber Product List

The Matress Fiber, Bristle Fiber, Geo Textiles, Brushes are some of the products in this range.

Bristle Fiber

Bristle Fibers are generally Long and strong fibres used for brushes and broom.

The basic grade of bristle fibre is known as 1Tie fibre. This is then further hackled and classified into 2Tie and 3Tie based on the length of strands and the general condition of fibres.

- Un hackled or Hackled

- 1Tie, 2Tie OR 3Tie

- Waxed or Oiled

- Bleached or dyed in different colours

- Uncut or cut into variour lengths

The main usage of Bristle fibres :

- Production of Coir Twine

- Brush and Tawashi Industries

- Potting Mixes/Growing Media

- Manufacture of special filters

- Solidification of the structure of fibre mixtures in the

mattress manufacturing

Geo Textiles

100% biodegradable, coir geotextile mats are manufactured using hand twisted yarn as well as machine spun twine.

They are for all soil bioengineering and errosion control applications in stream banks, slopes, wetlands, hillside soils and golf course development.

Coir Geotextile nets are

* 100% environment friendly

* Will last long before decomposingv

* Very resistant to UV degradation as compared to Synthetic mats

* Ability to handle high water velocities.

- High water absorption capacity of coir fibres promote seed germination * Excellent results in Hydroseeding - Will decompose after a period of time leaving excellent mulch for the growing vegetation

* Cost effective compared to synthetic mats

Depending on its application and exposure, coco mat lasts two to five years. This extended longevity period allows enough time to establish adequate vegetation allowing errosion control the way nature intended.

Coco geotextile mats are available in standard sizes of:

Grade Width Lenght Warp/Weft Mesh Size

400 G/SM 2M 50M 28/20 4X4CM

700 G/SM 2M 50M 40/30 2X2CM

900 G/SM 2M 50M 48/36 1.5X1.5CM

Loadability in 40"HC

- 400 GSM / 140 rolls

- 700 GSM / 115 rolls

- 900 GSM / 90 rolls

Apart from above standard specification, product can be tailor made to suit your specification.